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Great comment at The Bullying Culture of Medical School

“Occasionally we have new interns, residents, or attendings that start with abusive behavior toward nursing staff or other physicians. I’ve found that a good response is to say something like this, always with an audience, and in a very calm, low voice, “Apparently the institution you’ve come from allows behavior like this, but here at (insert facility name) we do not condone nor allow such abuse. If I have to, I’ll report this to (chief medical officer). Let’s make sure this never happens again, shall we?” More than once, the perpetrator has apoplogized on the spot, but I’ve also has to report them. Then, they apologize later. I’ve never had the chief not back me up. They know that for the morale and reputation of the facility, behavior like that cannot be tolerated.”

See also:
- Wikipedia: Nonviolent Communication

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How Young Children Promote Kindness at the Sudbury Valley School

An excerpt from the article:
Fight Bullying with Babies
Empathy can’t be taught, but can be caught–from babies.

by Peter Gray

“As regular readers of this blog know, my former student Jay Feldman and I have conducted research on age-mixed interactions at the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Massachusetts. At this school, students from age four on through high-school age are free to explore and play as they wish, with whom they wish, all day long. In our research, we documented many ways by which children and adolescents at the school regularly practice their nurturing skills through their self-chosen interactions with younger children. They read to them, comfort them, correct them when they violate rules, teach them games, help them do things that they cannot do alone, help them find lost objects, and take pride in their accomplishments. They are, I think, on their own initiatives practicing to be parents; and, more generally, they are practicing the kinds of abilities that will make them caring and valuable helpers and leaders to everyone around them.”

See also:
- Freedom from Bullying: How a School Can Be a Moral Community
Every school should be, first and foremost, a moral community.

by Peter Gray
- If It Feels Right … — An opinion piece in the NY Times by David Brooks about research showing that there is a failure of schools, families, etc. to install moral values in our kids (especially check out the “recommended” posts in the comments section…)

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Since October Is Bullying Prevention Month…

Since October Is Bullying Prevention Month I thought I share again his article I surely shared earlier this year:
Freedom from Bullying: How a School Can Be a Moral Community
Every school should be, first and foremost, a moral community.
Peter Gray, “Freedom to Learn” blog, June 8, 2010

“In the standard school, the principal, in demanding that the student [do/not do XYZ] would himself have been engaged in an act of bullying. He would have been using his superior power to inflict his will upon the student, who had no power in that setting. The only lesson that [the student] would likely have taken away is that “might makes right”–the lesson of a bullying environment.” (** see the footnote at the bottom of this post for reference to stats on bullying elementary school teachers)
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