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Preserve Capital

“The key to making money in the market isn’t to guess the ultimate low, but to buy when conditions are best for some sustained upside. We sure aren’t at that point, so stay cautious and don’t be impatient.” — RevShark, 10/22/08

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Whenever I consider buying a random car/truck type thing for the 4-year old around here, I have a hard time justifying it because I know in most cases it will be ignored/forgotten/broken/etc very soon.  My latest logic is, when in doubt, by the LEGO version.  For example… fire truck:


1) It will live on as parts long after the interest in the actual fire truck has gone.

2) I KNOW for a fact that the LEGO plastic is not PVC w/ lead in it, versus everything else (the alternative)?  Who knows.  When in doubt sniff.  If it smells, you can pretty much be sure it’s nasty stuff.  (Think, the cheap junk BOB THE BUILDER little models.  Scarcy stuff with endocrine disrupters/phthalates .

3) Who CARES that it is “age 9 and up” or whatever it is.  With some of the models I have built lately, they have been tricky for ME to figure out.  So anyway, we’ll see how he does, but for now, the point is… it’s tons of fun to USE once he helps Dad build it.

Obviously this strategy only applies if you enjoy building lego stuff yourself.  And your kiddo likes cars/trucks/etc.

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Victory Gardens

Forget CSAs! (OK, not exactly…) But maybe what we REALLY need are more “victory gardens”!

<< Amid regular rationing of canned food in Britain, a poster campaign (“Plant more in ’44!”) encouraged the planting of Victory Gardens by nearly 20 million Americans. These gardens produced up to 40 percent of all the vegetable produce being consumed nationally. >>


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Driving a 4000 lb car to a CSA

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Driving out of your way to go to your local CSA is probably worse environmentally than buying veggies from California from Whole Foods since you’re gonna be there anyway. No matter the price of gas. It’s about pollution, not money. Maybe this falls apart a little if comparing biodynamic farming practices to mainstream organic?


He says as he ponders whether to sign up for a winter share this year…

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