Tiny Houses…

The “Tiny House” movement is interesting, but three observations:

1. What about people trying this with not just solo or as a couple,
but with a family of 2 or 3 kids as well!

2. It’s not that different than:
– living in small spaces in city apartments
– RV “fulltiming with kids”
– families that decide to go off and sail for a year

3. Climate. A tiny space is maybe fine with more temperate
climates, but would be more of a challenge in very hot/humid
or cold climates (e.g. New England has some of both) because…
a) harder to use the great outdoors as additional living space.
b) insulation is maybe not top priority in these setups and then
c) it’s uncomfortable (sitting close to a cold window) and d) it
might be expensive to heat/cool (though unlikely since the
space is so so so small) so any lack of insulation is offset by
the small size and the body heat (no joke!) and appliances residual
heat. d) doing laundry in winter with no indoor space at all — I know
it’s doable, but…

4. I work at home and so will J eventually. So add sqft for a small office.

Basically, my sense is that it’s not all that easy… it’s easy
to find comments on RV fulltiming, but then add in kids!

I think we would fill half a tiny house with just camping gear and skiing gear and luggage.

Our Tiny House Experiment

I like the idea of Peter King in VT that it’s easy/cheap to build a tiny house,
so why not try it out in the backyard. No risk.

This book (Little House on a Small Planet) is an interesting read/browse
I am noticing saying much of what I have been thinking re. Comparing self to the Jones (also read “Milllionaire Next Door” for more on that!). But this negative review
also resonates (1. for temperate climates, 2. for people who don’t mind having little private space, etc.)

Anyway, interesting things to consider. I think a good middle ground for the bad-weather in New England, and living
with kids… is a small house ala 1950’s — 350 sqft per person roughly… so that’s 1400 sqft for 4 people.

More some other time…


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