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PHPP — comparing Excel files for Passive House / PassivHaus

OK, so you’re a Passive House / PassivHaus consultant and you are ripping your hair out because something small has changed between 2 model files in Excel / PHPP and you can’t figure out what it is? What programmers usually use is a program called “diff” on unix. And there’s WinMerge in Windows. Etc. But what do you do with a gigantic complicated Excel file with 69 separate worksheets? Well, I’ll tell you what:

1) So here’s what I finally found which seems to work rather GREAT
for finding differences between 2 excel files!

“Florencesoft™ DiffEngineX™ for Microsoft® Excel compares workbooks.”

I used it “out of the box” without changing any options, and it did basically
what I wanted it to. Perfect. And fast! Worth every penny!

2) The one additional step is you will need to unprotect all
worksheets in both files you are comparing. Luckily I found a guide
to that which worked perfectly as well!

3) The only additional thing missing which would be helpful (since
it’s not an option in DiffEngineX) would be a little VBA script to
hide or delete the worksheets in the DiffEngineX results (an excel
file, nice) where 0 differences were found. I will probably write
this (and share of course).


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