networks vs community

Sorry, I have probably posted on this topic before (John Taylor Gatto writes on this topic in his essay “We need less school, not more”) … also in one of his books.

Here is someone else that I stumbled upon in the “Bowling Alone” article that later became a book:

“As Wuthnow emphasizes,

Small groups may not be fostering community as effectively as many of their proponents would like. Some small groups merely provide occasions for individuals to focus on themselves in the presence of others. The social contract binding members together asserts only the weakest of obligations. Come if you have time. Talk if you feel like it. Respect everyone’s opinion. Never criticize. Leave quietly if you become dissatisfied. . . . We can imagine that [these small groups] really substitute for families, neighborhoods, and broader community attachments that may demand lifelong commitments, when, in fact, they do not.LINK

And more recently, here’s a related blog post from a site normally talking about house building. It begins… “Movie theaters have moved into the home, and with the help of Netflix and streaming video, one doesn’t even need to go to a video store.”
Isolation and the Deterioration of Socialization . . . Oh My


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