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The Zen of Running

“don’t overdo it. underdo it. you aren’t running because you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. it’s your choice of whether to run to punish your self or to experience your self. if you choose, with me, the latter, then every run can be joyful. the key words are, Take it easy!! create your self as a runner gradually, patiently, relaxedly.”

The Zen of Running, by Fred Rohe (1975)

A really really great old book. out of print but easily found at used and maybe your library.

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Let the heating begin!

Let the heating begin! The house is almost completely insulated now (done this Fri) which means the 1500W utility heater (think hairdryer) I turned on in the basement at 5pm should be doing a pretty good job at bringing the house up to temp on this balmy 46F evening. Go Passive House!

The real fun will be when we get the solar heating in gear. Looking forward to that most of all. It might seem crazy to others that we are thinking about solar when our heat load is already so insanely low, but the uninsulated, *low-mass* sunspace (indirect gain) method we have in mind should mean that it won’t cost much at all to implement, and therefore the simple payoff in years will still be quick even with such a small heating load.

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Bode Miller on the Olympics

Bode Miller: “The Olympics is definitely, in my mind, a two-sided coin,” he said. “It has all the best things of sport. It has amazing energy, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration. It’s what changes lives. In that sense, it’s the pinnacle of what sports and camaraderie and all that stuff is.

“On the flip side of that is the opposite, and that’s the corruption and the abuse and the money. I’m not pointing fingers, but that’s what was bothering me [in Turin 2006], and being thrust in the middle of that, and being the poster boy for that, when it’s the absolute thing I despise the most in the world was really draining on my inspiration, my level of passion. . . . I just had the plug pulled out on my most important fuel source, and it had been happening for a year, and it was just too much.”


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