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school bullying in the news in MA

2 sad bullying stories in the news this week in MA:

$35M lawsuit: Lynn failed to protect bullied kid

South Hadley: Prosecutors: 9 teens charged in Phoebe Prince death

To these communities and families and friends of all involved, my heart goes out to you.

ObComment: Many of our schools are broken. Bullying is a symptom of deeper problems. Not just with our schools, but with our communities, families, society. Schools are just a mirror. But still a good place to start!

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PBDEs in the mainstream press…

Flame wars — Fire retardants may affect female reproduction
“In North America, PBDE concentrations in humans have been doubling every four to six years since the 1970s, and are 20 times higher than in Europe.”

“I hope you are not nervous, but this concentration is very high,” Bergman says with a light Swedish accent. My blood level of one particularly toxic PBDE, found primarily in U.S.-made products, is 10 times the average found in a small study of U.S. residents and more than 200 times the average in Sweden.

And the not mainstream…

Dell, Apple (I think) and some other companies stopped using PBDEs in their plastic before mandated by law.

“[M]attresses, mattress pads, couches, easy chairs, foam pillows (including breastfeeding pillows), carpet padding, and other foam items purchased before 2005 are likely to contain them [PBDEs].”

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