Observations of a Sudbury school volunteer

This is a nice Sudbury Valley explanation that comes at it from a slightly different angle than I’ve heard before. The author volunteers at a Sudbury school one day a week, and is the parent of a student. But his main job is at a K-5 after-school program. LINK TO ARTICLE

A few quotes:

“Far from being little lord-of-the-flies centers where mere anarchy is loosed, Sudbury schools are communities that are run by the students, for the students. There are plenty of rules, but they are neither arbitrarily imposed from on high, nor artificially “decided on”…

“Not even when one kid stormed off in anger did anyone so much as look at me as anything but another player. ”

“I’m an empiricist too, and I speak from experience. The kids I work with at the after-school program aren’t miserable. They haven’t had their love of life stamped out of them, or their creativity. This isn’t because I’ve imported as many Sudbury-esque features into my class as I can adapt, but because the kids come from families who love them to go to a school run by teachers who care, and because, well, they’re kids. But …. ”

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