When two and four year olds have the freedom to talk

“I sit astounded. How is it that when two and four year olds have the freedom to talk as they wish, when they are relaxed in the company of adults who help them to get out the paints and paper and stickers, who don’t tell them what to do, too much, that their talk drifts to flooding and basements? I might as well have been at Dunkin Donuts in Sudbury, where I stopped yesterday for a decaf, envied the table full of older folks drinking coffee and talking with animation to one another, intensity and eye contact at 10 am for the companionship of friends, old and young. Conversation, freedom of expression, a basic human right, a privilege of those who are not alone, is a gift to many of our old folks and to our children, no rule here that says no talking, that says, it is spring and therefore your artwork must look like this.”

This was the main part that caught my brain (since it is all too familiar and fun to experience) but the rest is
HERE at Maria’s blog.

The beauty of this is, I guess is… that at a small family daycare, they are able to have enough staff that they can have age mixing like this. That’s partly what leads to awesome interactions like this. No need for the 3s to be separated from the 4s, or whatever the exact cutoffs are, state to state, that often get followed to maximize the number of kids per staff. Anyway, neat stuff that 2 and 4 year old conversation. The flooding… not so much.

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