The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

Sorry, couldn’t resist the corny title. Today finally begins our journey into sensor-rama here at the Haugsjaa Homestead. Our (probably) zero-energy house is being studied/monitored/picked-apart by the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (Fraunhofer CSE)

Here’s what they’ve got going…
– 1 onset weather station measuring outside temp, humidity and solar insolation
– 2 onset loggers measuring inside temp and humidity AND CO2 levels (bedroom and living room)
– 3 onset loggers measuring inside temp and humidity (basement, bathroom, attic room)
– a 4-channel logger measuring temps in 4 different spots in our HRV unit (heat recovery ventilation)

This in addition to logging:
– full energy use (everything including hot water and HVAC runs on electricity) so we know EVERYTHING

– full PV info at

I hope someone learns something from all of this! I assume they will!

Go Fraunhofer! Go house?



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