Our house sends me emails

Our house sends me emails (at my request) like this:

Hi Erik,

Your ‘Hot Water’ circuit has been drawing power longer than your specified threshold of 10 minutes. You may want to check for appliances or devices on that circuit that may have been left on unintentionally.

Here’s How – no I am not kidding! And I bet this will be common in 10 years. “Washing machine done!” “You left the stove on!” etc. Actually, those are the only 2 interesting ones I can think of, but I suppose there are others I haven’t considered.

The one flaw with the eMonitor (as I see it) is that it requires a subscription past the initial included period and I am typically allergic to subscription services. Other than that (and the need for the coming Volt-Amp vs Watt upgrade/fix), it’s very cool.


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