Massachusetts solar is hot!

You might think that solar energy is not for Massachusetts or New England. You’d be wrong! Even though the sun is not as strong here as in other parts of the country, the electricity (and other energy) prices here are quite high, so that makes solar quite a good deal. And this is even before considering tax credits and SRECs. Depending on how quickly you think energy will increase in price, the dollar payback can be quite quick on a PV system.

And if you are a DIYer, I suggest you check out and the SolarHeat discussion group. Lots of amazing info and people to ask questions of.

So… go solar! And for local inspiration in Massachusetts, go visit someone who already has solar electricity (photovoltaics), solar thermal heating, or solar hot water heating. A good way to find such people is the NESEA green buildings tour list. CLICK HERE


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