Sudbury Valley School: Let it rain!

Today I was doing carpool pickup for the Stow “Sudbury Valley School Express” as I like to call it. Three kids under 8 to find. Good luck to me! 🙂 Older kids at SVS (and I’ve seen some 5 years olds!) can be trained pretty well to be ready at a certain time and wait at/near the parking lot or barn for their parent pickup, but for many parents of younger kids… we gotta go find ’em (and help them sign-out, if they need/want help).

And sometimes it goes pretty smoothly. Yeah right! If I’m lucky, 2 of them are in the same room and I quickly bump into someone else who has recently seen kid #3. But today I only found #1 quickly, #2 was not in any of the “usual” places, and #3 was last seen in the barn. And darn, it was raining! And once I found #3, now where did #1 go off to! Hilarious! 🙂

Actually, the raining part was pretty fun to be honest. I was in the right mood I guess. And I was wearing appropriate clothing and got to enjoy any number of kids playing joyfully in various degrees of soakingness out in the downpour. Some seemed mostly dry to start, so they had probably made the calculation that it was now OK (at ~3:45pm) to brave the rain since they’d be getting picked up soon and wouldn’t have to spend several hours shivering in wet clothes. But really, if someone gets cold, I can guarantee that warm/dry borrowed clothes would surely be offered up from any number of sources… other kids and staff.

And plenty of kids keeping inside too, of course. Or hanging out on one of the many covered porches — a nice combo of inside and outside for a warm rainy day. And I was lovin’ the piano music pouring out of the open second floor window. Love this place! Who wouldn’t!


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