Kids, could you like chill on the gigantic hot baths? We’re trying to be a zero energy house here!

Heh. I mean, it’s pretty hilarious really. Ideally, we would have an indoor pool I guess. I mean, both my kids ask for either the goggles (by which they mean full on swim mask) and/or swim fins before they jump (and I mean jump) into the bath tub. It’s pretty ridiculous. I mean, thank heavens for whoever invented towels, because our poor house would be doomed without them! Water splashing out of the tub would be pouring through the subfloors. Well… luckily the only tub is on the first floor and the basement ceiling is unfinished. Not that we planned it for this reason. The idea was that come on, once everyone is older… showers rule, so the upstairs bathroom has a shower. But it’s still nice to have a tub occasionally, so that’s on the first floor, instead of just the typical “half bath”. Also, potential “aging in place” possibilities. Right.

Anyway, I digress. The point is… this house is likely to be a “net zero energy house” or darn close. And if the reason we miss is because of all those silly baths (tonight it was because they were playing on top of a gigantic pile of compost/loam that was dumped in front of the house and they were like pure mud)… Yeah, so as I was saying… if that is why we miss, then big whoop.

The point of all this green building stuff should be to show that we can build houses that need (let’s say) 80% less energy to run. Not that one should hold up “new zero energy” or “passive house” / “passivhaus” certification as a do or die (“go zero or go home”) sort of goal. That’s crazy talk.

And so what if I already have our 6-year-old trained to know that it is wasting energy to drain the bathtub if the water is still warm! Doesn’t everyone do that?

It’s not like I have completely shut off the hot-water lines to the bathroom faucets or something!


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