What if people built solar hot water systems instead of mowing their lawns?

Just sayin!

Point 1. I am guilty of mowing my lawn as well, but as I do, I must admit I think to myself…
wow, what if I put this much effort into building a solar hot water system? I could probably
do it if I just skipped 2 months of mowing! And I don’t do that much mowing. Really! How totally freakin’ awesome would that be! The planet would thank me.

Point 2. Or replace “solar hot water” with your favorite pet project:
a. 100 pushups (website with same name in case you were wondering)
b. square foot gardening
c. running a 10k

Point 3. The problem with some of these things is that for those of us who are not exactly do-it-yourselfers, we need some guidance/nudging. Procedural things like learning to cook or garden or woodwork is tricky to learn by reading a book. Sort of like “frame-it-yourself” days at some frame shops. Whereby under the tuteledge of a person knowledgable/expert in XYZ, we do it!

Point 4. I believe this is called community education — at your local high school!

Point 5. DIY snowballs — Once you tackle a small project of any sort, I think most people are motivated/emboldened to do more.

Just do it.


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