Interesting places to extract heat from, besides fossil fuels

We all know the standard ways to heat your house and heat water:
– oil
– natural gas
– propane
– wood

And renewables of course: solar/wind/etc
And electricity (could be any of the above plus nukes, but for fossil fuel sourced, comes at a 3x penalty. source-to-site, since power plants generally are only 1/3 efficient vs 95% condensing boilers/furnaces in one’s home)

But have you heard of these? (with some example links…)
1 – septic system pre-heating
2 – compost pre-heating (especially see One Straw link)
3 – waste-water heat recovery — only really works with showers
4 – Leaving the hot-water (from a bath, shower, cooking pasta) or leftover hot food cool off a bit before draining it, or putting it in the refrigerator
5 – negawatts — Think of a CFL, “14 watts replacing 75, as a 61 negawatt power plant.”
6 – brine/water geothermal with a heat pump (still electricity, but with a COP of maybe 2.5 or 3 to undo the source-to-site issue)

Just sayin! Some interesting ideas out there!


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