PARDIS SABETI – What would she think of Sudbury Valley School?

Paradis Sabeti — Profiled on Nova ScienceNOW *8 minute video at PBS)
“By night she’s a rocker. By day, she’s a Harvard geneticist tracking the evolution of the human genome.”

Some excerpts:
“In one year, she received not only a seven-figure research grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but an honorable mention in Billboard’s World Song Competition”

“PARDIS SABETI: If you do you what you love, things happen fast. And I think that, that I don’t manage my time well, I don’t think I do anything special. It’s just, I stick around things that I love.

“PARDIS SABETI: As long as I have a heartbeat, I’m fine. So I just do what I love, and I do it the best that I can. And if it all goes away, I’ll just start over. You get this added drive because life is so precious.”

“ERIC LANDER: What’s wonderful is Pardis has no boundaries about what she’d like to do, what she’s interested in doing. Her problem will be how to choose which of those she can fit into a 24-hour day.”

“Her high-energy personality, she adds,
appeared in those early years. “I’m a hyper
person,” she says. “My parents always told
me to relax.”” — from a Profile in SCIENCE


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