50 percent smaller TIMES 50 percent more energy equals…

So, say you are thinking of buying or building a house. And you are comparing 2 houses. One is a passive house, let’s say it’s 2000 sqft.

The other uses 50% more energy per square foot that the passive house. But it’s much smaller. 50% smaller. 1000 sqft.

As a reminder, here’s the math:

100 * 0.5 (smaller sqft) * 1.5 (more energy/sqft) = 75

In other words, the smaller, less energy efficient house still uses less energy (75 units, vs 100 units) than the much bigger passive house.

Of course, it all depends on the numbers. A house that only uses twice the energy per sqft than a passive house is still quite energy efficient. And 1000 sqft is a lot smaller than 2000 sqft. And t

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