Legislating Feelings

“One of the reasons Endenburg’s sociocratic process for decision-making works is that it doesn’t require anyone to love each other. You can love if you want, if you have time, if you can, but you don’t have to. It isn’t required to create a harmonious living, working, or anything community. Harmony is about agreements that allow everyone to live their own lives happily and enthusiastically.”
Sharon Villines, 12/11/2010 mentioning Sociocracy in context of an online discussion.

“[W]e always felt that while you can legislate rights, you can’t legislate feelings. If an institution promises a democratic structure and respect for children’s rights, one can see rather quickly whether it is delivering the goods. But if it promises tender-loving-care, one can never know what it truly means.”
— Hanna Greenberg, The Sudbury Valley Experience, 1992, p178


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