DAVID BROOKS — What would he think of Sudbury Valley School?

“[S]he [Amy Chua] is not really rebelling against American-style parenting; she is the logical extension of the prevailing elite practices. She does everything over-pressuring upper-middle-class parents are doing. She’s just hard core.”

“I have the opposite problem with Chua. I believe she’s coddling her children. She’s protecting them from the most intellectually demanding activities because she doesn’t understand what’s cognitively difficult and what isn’t.”

ARTICLE LINK: Amy Chua Is a Wimp (and don’t forget to click on the Comments…. Highlights tab … “There is a middle way between these two extremes.”)

Actually, I think it’s like any duality… it’s both easy and hard to be a kid with a parent like the “Tiger Mother”… easy because you don’t have to choose (freedom is difficult)… hard because playing the piano or doing math problems for hours and hours against your will is not fun!

So I think David Brooks would think SVS is interesting in that it is the true opposite of the parenting and educational approach the Tiger Mother took. High standards, but standards that come FROM WITHIN each person, not from their parents.

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