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So here’s the last month at our place. It’s a little off probably because the eMonitor was unplugged for about a week(?) as it got upgraded. Plus it was previously not doing a great job at knowing the difference between VA and Watts. Apparent power vs Real power. Anyway, I’ll let you know how it looks next month.

But anyway, it’s clear that the biggest room for improvement is in my home office. Namely, the computer I sit in front of (“basement outlets” is my office, plus washing machine, plus heat pump for hot water, so my computer use is probably only half of that.)

My setup is a laptop (with monitor usually off) connected to a 22″ LCD (Energy Star, but non LED) with the following specs:
“Power consumption: <65 W in operating mode, <2 W in sleep mode"
But the "kill-a-watt") plug monitor (from amazon or your library) is reading that it is pulling only 35W. So that's not bad. And the computer (on "high performance mode") is running at around 42W. So that doesn't seem too bad.

The eMonitor says 91W for the whole basement. Does that add up?
Computer: 42W
Monitor: 35W
one CFL: 13W

Yup! I guess it's right!

I am wondering if I could do substantially better with a different setup. I doubt it. Best to just work less I guess.

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