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10 months of PVs

They’re boring. They sit up there and crank out the KWhs. Easy peasy.

Lifetime Energy: 7.05 MWh
Carbon Offset: 12,088 lbs
You have offset the equivalent of 623 gallons of gas

One way to think of this is that it is no different than shifting from a 25MPG car to a 50MPG for 2 years of typical(?) 15,000 mile/year driving.

(15000 / 25) – (15000 / 50) = 300 gallons saved/year

So in 2 years of prius vs camry driving, one would save ~600gallons.

Or drive the camry less.

Or increase the size of the PV arrayby 50% to offset the camry! Or use the PVs to directly power a plug-in hybrid or electric-car.

Visualize 12,000 pounds, BTW. 6 tons. That is nuts!

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