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And let them amaze you…

What is this letting them go stuff? It is one thing to say let them play and converse. It is another to say let them make all their own decisions. But that is pretty much what I am saying. I am saying let Sara choose not to learn about the stars if she is not interested. Don’t make John eat asparagus. Let Brett choose not to ever listen to Bach if he doesn’t want to. Let Amy go to school without her sweater. Let Tom never learn algebra. And let them amaze you by what they do think about when their thinking is not circumscribed by a curriculum. Let them wow you with the things they get into, from developmental psychology to pottery. Let them flower into even more interesting members of the family than they were before; your reward for letting go: they will be closer to you than you ever imagined. They will thank you for the gift of freedom. They will be better parents than you were. They will be stronger about asserting their rights in this world, and more cognizant that their privileges are privileges to be guarded, than you could have hoped.

Mimsy Sadofsky, The Sudbury Valley School, “Why Does a Sudbury School Work?”

Mimsy Sadofsky, The Sudbury Valley School, “Why Does a Sudbury School Work?”)

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