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That old TV…

Let’s say a 10-year-old analog “CRT” TV (now with little digital converter box for the US) is used 4 hours per day at ~100W average consumption during baseball season.

Let’s say a new LCD TV (22″) — Panasonic TC-L22X2 (29.4 watt avg) could replace it.

Over 1 month that would be:

30days * 4hr * (100-29.4)watts/1000 = 8.472 KWh
* $0.15/KWh = $1.27 saved per month

That is not including the heat the TV provides in the winter (~100W) or the AC it then might require in the summer.

Not such a big deal, energy wise. But it adds up I suppose. But it (buying a new tv) is money better spent on paying back credit card debt or new lightbulbs or sealing up the attic with foam if you don’t care about HD and such.

Or only watch TV in the winter?

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