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Anyway, here goes:
You noted: http://wiesmann.codiferes.net/wordpress/?p=9592

So you might be interested in this FB thread where we discuss the NYTimes article


2. And a friend goes on (via email) to do a little quick research into this (he has a PhD in ecology) and came up with a rough estimate of the carbon footprint of walking vs driving. (This is different than energy cost of course, but related…). What I believe he came up with is that it depends a lot on the diet. If it is heavy on the meat and dairy, then it is a close match carbon wise (which makes sense because “making” meat is very very resource intensive) But if you are eating a plant-based diet, walking wins. But still, not be the “many orders of magnitude” difference one might expect. In other words, it’s certainly quite possible that (say) 4 people on foot or on bikes could be better off carpooling or using a well-used train, etc. But probably not if they are vegan and eating locally sourced, organic/“solar” food. But my friend needs to do more careful number crunching based on some of the research articles on the topic he pulled up.

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