Neuroscience and Education

I think it’s reasonable that as neuroscience and our understanding of the human brain advances over the years that we will:

1. Realize that the way we are educating our children today is not “evidence based”. That kids/brains are wired so differently and/or are at such different “places” at a given point in time that it makes little sense (on a large scale) to follow a curriculum that will “work” for every kid.

2. On the flip-side, we we also find that some things that we thought we’d “figure out” are even *more* intractable than we guessed.

Both are arguments for letting go.

I don’t personally think of this as reductionist thinking.

I am also not arguing that things like classes/lectures are cannot be worthwhile. I obviously know that they can be. I watch/listen programs on TV and the internet all the time and learn a lot. But I was the one who chose it. Not a curriculum.

Classes (from p19-22, Free at Last: The Sudbury Valley School)


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