Electricity addict

It was a little disconcerting to lose power during Tropical Storm Irene for a mere 7 hours and already be feeling slight distress. That’s pathetic, no? Many towns in Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England and the East Coast US are still without power. Even folks as close as 15 minutes away. What would I do without my fix? I had some water in my tub so toilets could still be used. Other than that, once the fridge is cleared out, how bad could it be? It’s August… so no winter weather. Just nice dry cool late summer weather. I could always drive (bike) to a library to work.

Even (car) camping in the woods of Maine this summer… our campsite had an electric outlet. Even if all I plugged in was a digital camera, it was handy.

Is that pathetic? It is, right?

Perhaps that’s why it’s better to be off-grid in some ways. I imagine one can have a healthier relationship with electricity.


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