Stick it to the man with solar

In the Stow Independent today it was reported that a slew of street signs in a local neighborhood have been snatched this summer.

If kids want to really “stick it to the man” how about building a cheap as all heck soda-can or down-spout solar air heater instead of stealing street signs — the green ones with ordinary names. Then add some in/out temp sensors (using the cheap/easy Lacrosse TX60U-SET) to the sucker and report on the results at and the NESEA Building Energy Conference. Take that fossil fuels!

And not just fossil fuels. There is an interesting history even within the solar community itself of rebelling against the multi-million dollar research going into solar systems. Harold Hay and Steve Baer are two that I am aware of, and perhaps there are many more.

Or whatever. Maybe solar isn’t your thing. Just an example. But it’s clear that creation is The Way rather than destruction. Even “eco-terrorist” groups like the ELF came to realize that any intended message they were trying to get across was being lost by everyone’s focus on the actual property destruction.

Also… what articles on the topic (like the above at wikipedia) seem to ignore is that such theft/vandalism is linked to kids having no power in their lives. They are FORCED to sit in classes that may be of no interest (or use) to them for 36 weeks (180 days) a year. And for the other 16 weeks a year — summer and week-long vacations, there is often nothing REAL to be doing. If only more people realized there are alternatives.

In other words, it seems to be the same social symptoms that lead to the much bigger riots in the UK this year (2011).

We all know this is true do we not? So perhaps this is a boring post.
It’s just upsetting.
It’s all our own faults.


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