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March energy report

KWh used in March: 799.
KWh made in March: 801.
We made electricity (net).
This is for everything in the house. Heating, hot water, appliances, lights, all the water filters and radon filters the house needs.
721 HDD (base 68F — which is roughly what we aim for during the day in heating months)
It was 17% warmer in March 2012 than in March 2011 in HDD (base 68F)

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So You Want to be a Programmer

“If you want, put in four years at a college (or more at a graduate school). This will give you access to some jobs that require credentials, and it will give you a deeper understanding of the field, but if you don’t enjoy school, you can (with some dedication) get similar experience on your own or on the job. In any case, book learning alone won’t be enough. “Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter” says Eric Raymond, author of The New Hacker’s Dictionary. One of the best programmers I ever hired had only a High School degree.”
Peter Norvig – Director of Research at Google

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