Does anyone know what they are doing?

Does anyone know what they are doing? “Experts disagree.” You hear that a lot these days. In pretty much every aspect of life. Sometimes even in cases where there is ACTUAL DISAGREEMENT! (as opposed to global warming where there is very little disagreement amongst actual expected… as far as I have been able to discern from Real Climate)

It’s pretty humorous. Or disconcerting. (You choose! Experts disagree!) I’m not complaining about incompetence. Things can be COMPLICATED!

Amazon? “Amazon is so opaque, with so many mysterious businesses and revenue streams, that you’ve got to wonder whether the people who work there even understand what it’s up to.”

Green building? “How much insulation is enough?”

Senior traders? Economists? “Once things get to a certain level of complexity, fraud and confusion dominate.”

Doctors? “How many doctors does it take to make an autism spectrum diagnosis?”

Time to be an expert! Happens all the time of course. We hear regularly of the person diagnosed with a rare disease (or their child) having to become “The” expert. And I regularly read of kids doing things as “expert” as building a nuclear reactor (14) or sailing around the world (16).

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