And I say… weird is good

“… Okay, you say it’s weird. And I say weird is good. People who show originality openly, without fear, are people I admire. And people I stand up for.”

“… When people say I’m okay because I’m not as bad as [XYZ Person]. That is such an awful way to control someone. How am I supposed to respond. Be glad you’re not going to treat me like we were in high school and I was the weird guy you can get away with abusing? Or go ahead and say what I think and let you be the asshole you just said you would be if I said something that wasn’t from a cookie cutter.”

Dave Winer

Life is too short to worry about stuff like that. It’s too bad it comes up. We’re all gonna die people, let’s get some work done! And have fun!

I would just like to add that some things that people think are radical or weird are simply not if you step back from 2012 and/or Massachusetts for a second. For example, the school we send our 4 and 7 year old to — Sudbury Valley School — might seem unusual to people who are used to schools in the context of 2012 USA. But if you step back and think BIG about concepts like HUMAN RIGHTS and THE HUMAN CONDITION, and start asking some questions like “what did people do for school in the 1800s?” and “what is school actually for?” (preparing to become effective adults in the society), then one might start to realize that, if anything, it’s most other schools that are unusual.

Our our house. With 16″ inches of insulation in the walls instead of the standard (none to 6″). It seems very very normal to me.

Or nutritarian eating (ala Dr Joel Fuhrman and others). It’s 49 weeks on the NYTimes bestseller list and is now #1. Do you think most people in the US 2012 eat this way?

That’s just three examples, but it seems to crop up a lot.

The Power of the Particular David Brooks


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