New to me: HSSSE — The High School Survey of Student Engagement


“Over four years of HSSSE survey administrations, student responses have been very consistent regarding boredom. In a pool of 275,925 students who responded to this question from 2006 to 2009, 65% reported being bored at least every day in class in high school; 49% are bored every day and 16% are bored every class. Only 2% reported never being bored.”

“More than one out of four students (27%) have been picked on or bullied either “Sometimes” or “Often”; approximately one in five students (20%) have picked on or bullied other students either “Sometimes” or “Often.””

“The most pervasive theme in the student responses to Question 35 is that there is no point to taking surveys like this. Students feel that their ideas don’t matter, nobody in school listens to students, no action will be taken based on the responses to the survey, and there are too many surveys administered to students.”

From the 2009 report

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