Tablets vs netbooks vs ultrabooks

I don’t know what they heck this person is talking about in the article below. Our 10″ Dell netbook has been GREAT as a web/netflix/flash games computer. Keyboard is great for typing… nearly 100%, Windows 7, etc. If it had a higher res screen (1366×768 instead of 1024×600) it would be perfect. Like hmmm…. a 11″ Macbook Air! I call that a netbook too. Except 3x the price. (~$1000 vs ~$333) As he wrote, the manufacturers weren’t making much on netbooks. Which to me says they were a good deal!

Just trying to get eyeballs on the website I guess is the reason for the article. Not based in reality. Mine at least!

Apple Killed the Netbook (And we’re all better off for the demise of the $400 future of computing.)


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