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How to Run a Good School

How to Run a Good School? Well I think it’s suprisingly similar to How To Run a Good Conference**.

While Khan Academy talks about “flipping the classroom” (watch lectures at home, do homework in school… or collaborate on projects?), it’s still mostly going to be on topics that someone else picks. That’s interesting, but it’s still the curriculum model.

So that’s why the conference analogy is more compelling. There we have willing participants, choosing the topics THEY are interested in. What’s on the menu?

At some point someone other than advocates of Sudbury Schools might notice. I’m exaggerating, but perhaps not much!

(**from a 16-year-old Aaron Swartz in 2002)

Dave Winer, on rebooting conferences/bloggercon/unconferences (there are several other posts by him on the topic both newer and older)
– Flipping the classroom

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