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Our House for Sale: 147 N Shore Dr, Stow, MA 01775

It pains me to say it, but our house is for sale.

We love love love this place, but the daily carpool/commute to our kid’s school in N Framingham is killing us. It’s 17*4 = 68 minutes in a car. When it could obviously be 5 or 10 if we lived closer.

So inquire quickly if you are interested! It’s been on MLS for only a day and we’ve already had several pings. google: 147 N Shore Dr, Stow MA 01775

The basic ideas of the house is:
– IAQ (indoor air quality)
– Comfort (living with no drafts and even air temps is an amazing experience)
– Daylighting. All of our rooms (including our bathrooms and basement) have nice daylighting.
– *Insanely* energy efficient (we EARN over net $1100 on our utility bills due to solar SRECs)
– Durable (little or no maintenance needed… hardiplank siding, hardwood floors, etc)
– “Passive Survivability” (I like that we can lose power and not worry about the house getting too cold very quickly or pipes bursting)
– Someday… homestead. There is a LOT of space in the front (S) of the house for a suburban vegetable “victory garden”. If we were more ambitious, I assume we could easily grow all our veggies.

I’ll follow up soon with some photos…

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