CFLs time has passed

I won’t be buying any more CFLs (compact fluorescent light-bulbs). Time for LEDs!

CFL problems:

1. CFLs apparently often leak UV!!! — 2013 NIH report:
2. CFLs usually don’t last NEARLY as long as claimed (in my experience) especially in down-facing applications where they get especially hot
3. Cleanup of broken ones is a pain (worrying about mercury)

So that’s enough for me to jump ship to LEDs now that they are starting to be almost reasonably priced.

Excellent: Philips 409904 / 423343 Dimmable AmbientLED 12.5-Watt A19 Light Bulb (good Amazon availability)

Also excellent is a similar one from CREE. Not sure Amazon has a good stock of them, but I think HomeDepot has them.

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