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“Don’t be open and accepting. Fight.”

“Don’t be open and accepting. Fight. When people debate, they are more creative.”

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The Art of Coding at Any Age

No one asks, “Why is Yo-Yo Ma still playing the cello? Why hasn’t he moved on to conducting?”

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Born Mavericks

“I return to the ideal I raised when we discussed
the possibility of an open childhood. A single word,
an entire philosophy of education: Socrates speaking
of himself as “midwife” to his students. Mid wife—
one who brings forth what is already there, waiting to
be born: the hidden splendors of self-knowledge.
That is where a personalist education begins in this
Socratic conviction that our first and highest object of
study resides within. All there. Given. Teachers
may offer information, know-how, technique,
example. But until the student’s innate calling
declares itself, we have nothing but mimicry, memory
work, superficial performance. It is only after we
have tapped an authentic incentive that true education
happens. Then, everything that lends depth and
distinction unfolds before us—from the inside out.”

We are all born mavericks, gifted with strange vocations.

This is what all of us bring into life and to school: a wholly unexplored radically unpredictable identity.

From Chapter 7 of Person/Planet: The Creative Disintegration of Industrial Society By Theodore Roszak


And see also Chapter 6: page 179: The Open Childhood…

“The ideal of open childhood .. join the unconditional loyalty of the family to the Socratic commitment to free dialogue, and we have a home that champions self-discovery and defends it against all comers.”

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New to me: look how low on the list the US is. ” In 2007–2008, the Gallup Poll surveyed individuals from 128 countries in the first comprehensive study of global opinions.”

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Old Farts Know How to Code

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“(Annual returns of +10%, -5%, +22% and -3% will always result in a four year return of +23.7% no matter what order they came in.) … starting out risky and ending safe has exactly the same expected result as starting safe and ending risky.

… then why would it make sense as generic advice to those saving for retirement? Well, of course, it doesn’t.”

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The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Hedrick Smith, author of “Who Stole the American Dream?”, detailed the decline of the middle class over the past 50 years as well as the political and economic decisions…

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The SVS Report: May 10, 2013

The school report according to my fired-up oldest after bursting in the door: “Tons of running! — newcomb, soccer, ultimate…”

What? No pickle or “capture”? Not today I guess. 😉 And we rode our bikes to and from today.

(I’ll report back on a rainy day when it is all inside play for comparison.)

And really, I have no idea what his day was really like. Except that he loves going to school. That’s what is important. The rest I trust will take care of itself.

And BTW, the reason it works I think:
1. People are naturally curious and have a innate desire to figure out the world and their place in it and what they want to do — day-to-day, next week, and when they “grow up”.
2. Schools don’t raise kids, families do.
3. His time at school is HIS time. No judgement.

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