Born Mavericks

“I return to the ideal I raised when we discussed
the possibility of an open childhood. A single word,
an entire philosophy of education: Socrates speaking
of himself as “midwife” to his students. Mid wife—
one who brings forth what is already there, waiting to
be born: the hidden splendors of self-knowledge.
That is where a personalist education begins in this
Socratic conviction that our first and highest object of
study resides within. All there. Given. Teachers
may offer information, know-how, technique,
example. But until the student’s innate calling
declares itself, we have nothing but mimicry, memory
work, superficial performance. It is only after we
have tapped an authentic incentive that true education
happens. Then, everything that lends depth and
distinction unfolds before us—from the inside out.”

We are all born mavericks, gifted with strange vocations.

This is what all of us bring into life and to school: a wholly unexplored radically unpredictable identity.

From Chapter 7 of Person/Planet: The Creative Disintegration of Industrial Society By Theodore Roszak


And see also Chapter 6: page 179: The Open Childhood…

“The ideal of open childhood .. join the unconditional loyalty of the family to the Socratic commitment to free dialogue, and we have a home that champions self-discovery and defends it against all comers.”


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