Dr. Fuhrman on Atkins/The Zone/South Beach diets

The conclusion….

“Sure, there are even unhealthier ways you can eat, and sure, many overweight Americans eat an even worse diet. But wouldn’t you want to see a more heart healthy plan from a heart doctor? The tragedy is that many people with atherosclerotic heart disease will follow his popular plan and die unnecessarily, when they could be enjoying life for years to come.

My book, Eat To Live, documents and describes the healthiest way to eat to protect and reverse heart disease. At the same time, you will easily lose your extra weight in the process.

Quick weight loss programs such as the Atkins diet plan and the South Beach diet, may lower triglycerides and even lower cholesterol a little bit as people lose a little weight and cut out processed grains and sugar. For those looking for long-term good health and freedom from heart disease, they must learn more and do more.”


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