This was a great note from Mountain Laurel Sudbury School.  But it’s in Facebook, so I include it here so it doesn’t get lost…

October 3, 2013 at 4:03pm

We try very hard to make sure we’re clear about our model.  That it isn’t about a rigid dogma, but about trusting children with responsible freedom.  Yet, for all our talk, some prospective parents will only hear what they want to hear.  That we’re alternative.  That if we’re alternative, we must subscribe to a certain set of alternative beliefs and practices.

Yes, in a place where there is freedom, all walks of life will be welcome.  This will include people who would be considered alternative.  But it does not guarantee it.

So, these potential parents will become quite distraught the first time they see something that doesn’t fit within their own particular alternative ideology.  When a kid eats processed food.  When there’s screen time.  When the students don’t all have to do the same thing together.  And we’re left explaining, yet again, that Sudbury schools don’t police students’ actions like that.

It’s not about being alternative.  It’s about being free.


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