Trello Hacks

These are not so much hacks as methods of stretching the usefulness of Trello as a means of todo or issue or bug tracking. Personally I use whatever bug-tracking system a client is using (Fogbugz, JIRA, Flyspray, etc, etc.) and they all work well for what I need, but sometimes it’s nice to use Trello at a “front end” to manage todos or collection in fast moving projects.

Some current flaws w/

1. Can’t search on specific ranges of due-dates. Only filters for overdue, next week, next month, etc.

2. Can’t mark a card as completed. or deferred, closed, or other status: “ready for testing”, “back to dev”, “not a bug”, etc.

3. Can’t assign an item in a checklist a due date or assign a status.

Some possible solutions:

1. Use a traditional bug tracking system IN ADDITION to logging item in trello. One can connect the 2 using at some level, but this is awkward.

2. Set the dates (use YYYY-MM-DD pattern) and or priorities in the card subject. (Not comments because those aren’t searchable)

3. Use (and name) the colored “LABELS” for priorities. Labels can be used to filter cards (Filter == advanced search, found under the MENU)

4. ARCHIVE completed items. Awkward at best.

5. Create a separate list named “Done” or “Nov 2013 completed” etc. Drop items in there when complete. Not ideal because one loses track of where the item came from. It’s logged in the activity, but again… not searchable.


Trello is great for checklists of daily to-dos or small projects, but don’t expect it to work in the context of true project management / issue tracking / big tracking. For that you want one the the apps mentioned above.

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