Review: Magnetic Stick N Stack STABLIZER Building Plate 12×12 inches

I have a few things to stay about the gigantic 12×12 inch “Magnetic Stick N Stack STABLIZER Building Plate 12×12 inches with 128 magnets enclosed LINK. It’s a nice addition to a magna-tiles collection, but…

Basically, it’s currently too expensive. I bought one, and the kids definitely use it, but unless you really have a lot of money to spend, I think it’s a much better use of funds to buy 2 packs (6 pieces) of the Manga Tiles 6″ squares LINK. 2 packs even cost less than 1 of the huge 12″x12″ tiles.

Sure, especially if you have 3 or 4 of the huge tiles you can
– use it to help beginners stabilize (I haven’t really noticed this much, but I bet it’s true)
– build big car parking garage structures and such, but those are of limited use and the 6×6″ are good at that too.
– they are too big/heavy to use as walls or vertically or diagonally

the 6″x6″ tiles have much more interesting uses:
– parking garages (albeit smaller)
– roads
– building walls
– anything really.

The huge 12″x12″ size definitely has a purpose, and I’m glad I bought one, but I will be buying more of the 6″x6″ ones next time.


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