Thoughts about the SVS musical

Here’s a comment from a parent about the musical that SVS students wrote/produced/direction/performed this spring…. I hadn’t thought about that, but they’re right! BTW, the musical was so so amazing. I really loved it.

“After the play, I told the writers that I was impressed they used Kurosawa’s method used in the 1950′s film Rashomon. Where did they learn about the great Japanese master and his pioneering story structures? They told me they never heard of him. I was disappointed, but then I had a revelation. These SVS kids developed a sophisticated technique behind which there is unique philosophical view on what the truth is (or is not) by searching for the most effective way to tell their story. They understood Rashomon without ever seeing or hearing about it. It is a great example of how the SVS experience stimulates high levels of inquiry and understanding(and may save some parents $200K for NYU Film School tuition.)”


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