ESC – electronic stability control

This is partly why we bought the minivan we did — it has ESC. I also see it is in the top 20 list for fewest driver deaths.
I believe IIHS also has a chart with injury statistics as well, though I assume it is correlated pretty well with the deaths one.

“Institute research shows that ESC reduces
fatal single-vehicle crash risk by 49 percent
and fatal multiple-vehicle crash risk by 20 percent
for cars and SUVs (see Status Report, June
19, 2010). It lowers the risk of a deadly crash
by 33 percent overall and cuts the risk of a fatal
single-vehicle rollover by 73 percent.”

Click to access sr4605.pdf

More recently, more and more cars offer “forward collision warning and automatic braking systems”. That’s going to become like ESC — required (since 2012 in US).

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