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The power of letting kids do what THEY want

His vexed look was saying, “How dare she question the depths of my knowledge. She doesn’t know me.”
— SVS student, age 5

This is such a great blog post. I just re-read it today. This pretty much sums up why we wanted our kids to go to SVS as little kids. (Our 9-year-old is in his 6th year already… he started when he was 4.) Some people might think that SVS is more useful as kids get older. But I think that is quite mistaken and this blog post captures this very well.

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Kids’ free play correlated with social “success” as adults

New research from Germany finds people who recall having plenty of free time during childhood enjoy high levels of social success as adults.

Free time as kids was also linked with high self-esteem and the flexibility to adjust one’s goals.

Noted at:

The original research article (abstract and free PDF download of article):

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Sudbury Valley and Free Kids related links – 5/15/2014

When Adults Take Over Children’s Fun

“Schoolification” of Sports (from the unschool subreddit)

Interview with Hanna Rosin (news report video)
“The Overprotected Kid.”

A Useful Reminder: Louis C.K. Was Bad Before He Was Good

“I could see that the experience of meeting her was confusing to many of them. They were at the conference in support of learning through play, but here was a young woman who really had learned through play—through true, self-directed play, without coercion—and they found it hard to believe. I wish Nina had been invited as one of the principal speakers.”

The (Mandatory) Science Fair….
“Parent1: You mean I get an A on his science project?”

How to find the perfect job… from Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)

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Twitter’s 140 char limit
“100 years from now someone will have to explain why all the written artifacts from 2014 are stored as images. I would love to be around to hear the explanation. “

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John Holt On Coercion

John Holt On Coercion

“The idea of painless, non-threatening coercion is an illusion.

Fear is the inseparable companion of coercion, and its inescapable consequence. If you think it is your duty to make children do what you want, whether they will or not, then it follows inexorably that you must make them afraid of what will happen to them if they don’t do what you want.

You can do this in the old-fashioned way, with the threat of harsh words, infringement of liberty, or physical punishment.

Or you can do it in the modern way; subtly, smoothly, quietly, by withholding the acceptance and approval, which you and others have trained the children to depend on; or by making them feel that some retribution awaits them in the future, too vague to imagine, but too implacable to escape.”

John Holt, How Children Fail (1964)

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