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Garrison Keillor on Lutefisk

“OK, they had some Swedish Meatballs available for people who could not stand that [the lutefisk at the lutefisk dinner at the Lutheran Church]”

“our version of unleavened bread…”

— Garrison Keillor, News From Lake Wobegon, 11/22/2014
http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/listen/?date=2014/11/22 and click the segment OR MP3: http://download.publicradio.org/…/11/22/nflw_20141122_64.mp3

More on lutefisk, Norwegians, and Lutherans at his books and CDs


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Agents for Rock Star Programmers

Want to hire a coding superstar? Call the agent.

“The combination of the nascent digital age and the global recession has led to a rise in independent contractors. Some people call this new world the “gig economy” or the “1099 economy,” after the tax form used by freelancers. “I think it’s the future of work,” Guvench said. Mian agreed. “I think everyone should have a manager,” he told me. “Not just creative people—everyone. It’s cool to have an advocate and a confidant. We can all be rock stars.”

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