define freedom

Without electricity:
“By not having electricity, imagine all the aisles I don’t have to walk down in a department store! Aisles of hair blowers, and dryers, and toasters, and all that. Hey! I don’t have to walk down that, that’s liberation! I don’t have to make many decisions, the community has made the decisions. To me, that’s liberation.”
— the Amish man quoted in the film (at 31:43)


Without having to worry about menus:
“Even better if a large base of software agrees on how menus are done. Then people can create tools for authoring menus. So we get to a higher level. Something everyone had to do for themselves at one point, now is part of the toolkit that everyone can build on.
This is how all software is built.”

“Over time the innovations of the past become commodities, and then are baked into the OS, creating room for innovation at a higher level.”
— Dave Winer, Feb 18, 2014


Without cars (public transportation/bikes instead):
“I grew up in a city where there was, at the time, literally no public transportation. I hated the dependence on people who could drive. To me, public transportation is freedom and a vastly superior form of transportation.”
— comment from “Dianne” at

Cars? Not For Us: The Cheapest Generation Explains ‘the Freedom of Not Owning’

How the young are still waging the war on the car
The decline in youth car-ownership is a sign of changing attitudes.


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