Heating Degree Days and NSTAR (our gas company)

NSTAR puts a nice 13 month chart of usage on your monthly bill (so one can see usage from the same month in the previous year). That’s nice. But… what would be even cooler is if they showed the HDD and CDD (heating degree days and cooling degree days) for these time periods. That way, when it says you used 100 units this year vs 140 last year, one could quickly tell if that was because it was a lot warmer this year or because of all that insulation you added!

Here’s and API for such data…
http://www.degreedays.net/api/signup Only $49/month for unlimited locations! Go to it NSTAR! Actually, surely they already have this data and probably much more because they already surely have to strategize about supply and demand and they probably consult historical data like usage and HDD and weather forecasts.


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