Every day is show and tell day at Sudbury Valley School (or not)

This weekend at my grandmother’s 100th birthday party, she asked my youngest (7yo) if they did “show and tell” at his school. He didn’t really know how to answer because frankly, every day is show and tell at Sudbury Valley School. Well not exactly. It’s also NEVER show and tell… of course no one HAS to bring personal stuff from home. But certainly for those who are interested, it’s EVERY DAY… you can of course bring any amount of STUFF from home to work with/play with, and show other students or staff.

It’s not uncommon for said 7yo to bring a roller-suitcase filled to the brim with stuff that he plans to work on/play on while at school.

Today for instance, he is an actor in a movie someone is working on at school and so last night he brought home a handwritten checklist of props and proper attire he should bring with him. It was a lot of stuff! And he joyfully and excitedly gathered it up this morning, anxious to get to school.

I wonder if his cousin is in the movie because he is serving on JC (read: jury duty) all this month, so he has scheduling complications as he won’t be available for filming from 11am for an hour or so (or less) each day depending on their case load.

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