This is incredibly depressing… no actual freedom! Or reality! Scripts, cue-cards, 20-minutes, boring! Lame-zania!

When I Grow Up
The theme-park chain where children pretend to be adults.
Children at KidZania spend the day role-playing at various careers. Among the simulated jobs are pilot, dentist, and judge.
New Yorker, Jan 19, 2015

“In KidZania, adults determine the content of activities in advance, and Zupervisors follow scripts that offer children little room for ingenuity or deviation.”

“The activities last, on average, about twenty minutes—and are far from open-ended or exploratory. Even artistry is directed. I passed by the art studio, where small children sat before easels, coloring in preprinted cartoon images of Urbano or Chika.”

“KidZania is a proudly mundane municipality: children can work on a car assembly line, or move furniture, or put out a fake fire with real water.”

“Another girl sat behind a central desk, playing the part of the judge, faced by two other children representing the lawyers. All dutifully followed along with their own cue cards, interjecting a line or two when necessary.”

“The children seemed engaged by the machines, though the hands-on part of the activity might not have been very challenging to a child half their age.”

“The ideal location for a KidZania is a place where there is a high disposable income and an ethos of spending prevails; where children are sophisticated consumers of popular culture and users of digital media, and expect novelty and stimulation; and where there are few cultural or historical attractions, and little else to do in the way of entertainment. ”



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